What exactly is a "coronavirus" for humankind? Coronavirus is a viral objection to human life and activities

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What exactly is a "coronavirus" for humankind? Coronavirus is a viral objection to human life and activities



Actually, this should be called a revenge in the natural world for human beings. It's a virus rebellion. It's a revenge of nature, so to speak. Due to the development of human distorted and unbalanced civilization, all the creatures of nature have been hunted down by humans and murdered and the environment has been shattered. Isn't it the beginning?

In the Asahi Shimbun on April 8, 2020, sociologist Masachi Osawa "The virus itself is a threat that came from outside civilization, but it has spread so far because the negative aspects and risks of the social system of global capitalism have become apparent. Unknown infectious diseases Wild animals are the main host. As a result of the deforestation and urbanization of native forests around the world, there are more opportunities for contact with wild animals and an increased risk of transmitting pathogens. British environmentalist Kate Jones said, "Wild. The transmission of diseases from animals to humans is a hidden cost of human economic growth. " "A serious feature of the new coronavirus is that the rate of spread of the infection is too fast. It is completely different from the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) that spread from southern China in 2002-03. Differences in the nature of the pathogen itself. There are some, but it is definitely affected by the fact that China has led global capitalism and the movement of people both inside and outside Japan has increased dramatically. "

That's right at all. The destruction of human nature and the destruction of the universe that cover the sea, mountains and the earth with living things. Isn't the current explosive coronavirus infection and deaths going on for at least the next year to a year and a half? It means the time and agony until an effective vaccine or remedy is born. Even more problematic, when the coronavirus stopped its movement, that is, when the problem was settled, the economic and political balance of the human world was greatly upset, and the world was in a crucible of serious conflict and turmoil that could not be imagined. It may be thrown in. Mankind always goes into a terrible war after the Great Depression. And in the end, humankind may cause unimaginable wars between great powers, such as World War III. Humans do not have the means to overcome the Great Depression ... "Because we only know how to make peace through the means of war."

Moreover, this time, the coronavirus may thoroughly attack the poor countries on the earth such as Africa and create a huge number of extremely poor people! In other words, after the convergence of the corona, there is no doubt that how to prevent human conflicts and wars, and the relief of the irreparable poor, will become serious issues. Of course, it will be necessary to make major changes in military spending, etc., for the development of new vaccines. And the most important point of view is the creation of new "education" for humankind. Of particular note is the intensification of the US-China conflict, which has significantly changed the shape of the country.



Let's prepare for the world after Corona! The last minute of mankind has arrived! !! Don't prepare and don't regret it later! !






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